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What points should be considered in order to buy an optical media converter?

Buying fiber optic media converter

In order to buy an optical fiber media converter, several issues should be considered

1- Required bandwidth

100 megabits, 1000 megabits per second, 10 gigabit

2-distance or fiber length

Distance is one of the key factors in choosing the type of media converter.

2 km-10 km-20 km to 160 km models

3- The type of fiber used is multi-mode or single-mode.

4- Type of power

Since the power in most telecommunication centers and data centers is DC, it is better to use direct power. Everonet has produced a model of media converter that can be used with both DC and AC power.

5- Place of use

If it is used in telecommunication centers, the desktop or rackmount model should have cooling vents, and in industrial and dusty places, the industrial model without fan should be used.

6- Type of optical fiber connector

Fiber optic socket or connector type in sc-st-lc-fc models

7- The price of optical fiber media converter

(usually models with quality and warranty have a higher price than unbranded models. Arivant production models have 2 years unconditional warranty)

8- The number of media converter ports

Optical fiber media converters have different models in terms of the number of network ports, such as one fiber port, one network port, one fiber port, two network ports, one fiber port, four network ports, or two fiber ports and four network ports. A port can also be a switch. Arivant produces different models.