?What is WDM

?What is WDM

Wavelength Division Multiplexing, WDM, is a technology that increases bandwidth by allowing different data streams at different frequencies to be sent over a single optical fiber network. Signals at WDM wavelengths are independent from each other. All protocols. All speeds.

That’s the technical definition. The vision of Smartoptics WDM is to make this happen in the most simple and cost effective way possible. Organizations thrive on communication—a flow of data that runs between divisions and people that power progress. Fiber optic cables are roads that carry information from office to office, site to site, country to country.

Using a fiber optic cable as a single lane road is wasteful. Smartoptics solutions allow this road to be used as a multi-lane highway capable of transporting up to 80 simultaneous traffic channels together at once. Smartoptics offers a way to “add lanes” through intelligent WDM networking. Expanding capacity. Without building new infrastructure.

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