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What is OADM?

What is OADM?

CWDM / OADM multiplexers reject selected channels or wavelengths (ADD-multiplex) and de-multiplex. By using CWDM/AD modules, network designers can add new access points anywhere in the DWDM/CWDM network without affecting the remaining channels in the network.

In this application example, an OADM channel is installed in the path of a DWDM/CWDM common line that transmits four wavelengths through the Common Line (COM) port. Wavelengths are multiplexed using two 4-channel CWDM/X channel multiplexers on the common line. An OADM channel implements the 1510 nm wavelength at a network location along the shared line. 1- The OADM channel can send the wavelength in two directions and in this case, it activates two different links of the 1510nm network. Access points can be added to linear, ring or ring networks, in simpler words, we can add or remove several channels in the middle of the path. And the rest of the channels are saved without going down.



Number of OADM channels

The number of OADM channels can be as many as the total number of channels according to the needs and design of the network.

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