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What can 5G do?

شبکه 5g

What can 5G do?

Today, 5G networks have become a trend. More and more manufacturers are starting to produce 5G products. In the future, 5G will increasingly affect all aspects of our lives. And one question: what can 5G do?

1. Improve bandwidth

The switch to 5G will undoubtedly change the way we interact with technology on a daily basis, but it is an absolute necessity if we are to continue using mobile broadband.

The capacity of telecommunication networks is running out in many cities. In some cities, users are already experiencing slowdowns during peak hours of the day. 5G adds a huge amount of spectrum in bands not used for commercial broadband traffic.

2. Self-driving vehicles (without passengers)

It is expected that we will see the increase of self-driving vehicles with 5G speed all over the world. In the future, your vehicle will communicate with other vehicles on the road, informing other vehicles about road conditions and providing performance information to drivers and automakers. If a car ahead of you brakes at a high speed, your car immediately gets information about it and the braking system prevents it from hitting it. This kind of communication between cars can save thousands of lives.

3. Public safety and infrastructure

5G will allow cities and other municipalities and control centers to operate more efficiently. Utilities will be able to easily track usage remotely, sensors will be able to notify utility departments when floodwaters or street lights go out, and municipalities will be able to install surveillance cameras more quickly and more cheaply. do

4. Remote device control

Since 5G has significant latency, remote control of heavy machinery becomes a reality. While the primary goal is to reduce risk in hazardous environments, it also allows technicians with specialized skills to control machinery from anywhere in the world.

5. Health care

5G’s ultra-low latency communications component (URLLC) could fundamentally change healthcare. Because URLLC reduces 5G latency even further than you’d see with advanced mobile broadband, a world of new possibilities opens up. In the coming years, we expect to see improvements in telemedicine, remote healing and physiotherapy through AR, precision surgery and even telesurgery. Hospitals can build massive sensor networks to monitor patients, Doctors can prescribe smart pills to track compliance, and insurers can even monitor subscribers to determine appropriate treatment and processes.

6. Internet of things

One of the most exciting and important aspects of 5G is its impact on the Internet of Things. While we already have sensors that can communicate with each other, they require a lot of resources and quickly reduce LTE data capacity.

With 5G speed and low latency, the Internet of Things is powered by communication between sensors and smart devices. Compared to current smart devices on the market, 5G devices require fewer resources, as a large number of these devices can be connected to a single network. The base station can be connected and this makes their efficiency much higher.

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