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WDM Solution

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The CWDM device has a flexible scalable architecture that supports modular online upgrades and is easy to expand and maintain. At the same time, it supports network management inside and outside the ring, which can be managed flexibly.

Functional characteristics

▪Equipment capacity: currently single mode fiber transmission, CWDM single channel rate up to 10G, total capacity up to 160G

▪ Flexible network: it can consist of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, chain, ring and other network topologies.

▪ Flexible and transparent access for multiple services: support for Ethernet, PDH, SDH, CATV and private network services.

▪ Different rates: 55M, 1.25g, 2.5g, 4G, 10G.

▪ Transmission range: range without optical amplifier 10 km to 120 km;.

▪ Good scalability: CWDM can be extended to 18 wavelengths and easily upgraded to DWDM.

▪ Transfer from 1+1 backup path: switching time ≤30ms to ensure safe and reliable circuit.

▪ Powerful network management function: support for SNMP-based network management, support for CLI, WEB, TELNET and other network management