Production of all kinds of fiber optic modules of Arioonet


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What is an SFP optical module?

SFP module stands for Small Form-Factor Pluggable. In general, an SFP converts a digital signal into an optical signal that prepares the data for transmission over an optical fiber. Many equipments with the name of this module have been offered to the market, the use of which causes the signal to be strengthened, so it can be said that the use of the SFP module is currently very wide and users can receive their data with excellent quality and transfer high speed, they use this module. It can be said that the use of this module can be used more as an interface between different equipment and other parts of the network.

SFP is sometimes known as Mini GBIC, which is basically an old type of (sfp) transceiver, SFP and GBIC n actually have the same application.

As the name Transceiver suggests, it is a system that is used to (send) transmit and (receive) receive optical signals. If you need to transfer information on optical fiber, you must use sfp optical modules.

Common models of optical modules that are more used in communication infrastructure equipment to send information on optical fiber as transceivers are XFP and SFP modules. The use of optical transmissions in the infrastructure increases the speed and quality in the network.

The difference between SFP and SFP+ and XFP optical modules
What is SFP+?

SFP models have the maximum data transmission capacity up to 4.25 Gbps bandwidth, and if you need more bandwidth, you should use the SFP+ model to support 100 Gbps speed; In fact, SFP+ is another version of SFP that is similar in terms of size and appearance.

The difference between SFP and SFP+

Switches with fiber slots support both SFP and SFP+ modules. Because the two modules are the same in terms of size and appearance, and their difference is in the bandwidth and the so-called data transmission speed.

XFP optical module

XFP stands for 10Gigabit small form factor pluggable and has the XFP MSA standard.

The differences between SFP and XFP modules are:

The SFP module is smaller than the XFP module. Basically, old devices have xfp slots and new systems use sfp+.

Production of sfp fiber optic modules

Today, optical fiber modules are one of the main components of an optical fiber network, which are produced by various companies according to global standards. Arivant Communication Technology is the first manufacturer of optical modules in Iran, which produces a wide range of this type of modules. It seems that they are compatible with all the brands in the market.