Products represent stock of goods in your Inventory. Products can be either procured from your suppliers or rendered to your customers depending upon nature of your Organization. Interestingly, if your company manages both selling and purchasing goods, Products module will act as a bridge between Sales and Purchase departments.

Create Products Manually

You can enter Product details manually from Products Module. This might come handy if you will have to enter Product details individually.

Steps to create Product records manually

  1. In Products tab, click on Add Product button
  2. In the Create Product view, fill in the Product details
  3. Click Save

Quick Create

You can enter basic details of Product record through Quick create. This might be helpful if you are running out of time.

Steps to create Product records through Quick create

  1. Click (+) Icon on top right corner
  2. Click Product
  3. In the Create Product view, fill in the Product details
  4. Click Save

Importing Products from Existing files

Tiger Sales Force CRM supports importing Products from external sources such as .csv and vcf files. As it saves lots of time and efforts, it might come in really helpful for your Sales Team to import thousands of records instantly.

Product Bundles

This feature helps you to have sub-products for products. While creating Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Quotes, upon selecting parent product, all sub-products are automatically selected into the cart.

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