Optical Line Protection interface card


Product Description:

OLP Optical Protection Board is a protection system designed and manufactured by Orionet for optical line backup. It has an advanced automatic optical path switching module, which is an optical device used in fiber optic communications to switch optical paths. Automatically detect the signal states of the optical signals of the primary and secondary optical systems and perform immediate switching of the optical paths to protect the primary optical cable from full impedance failure and protect the system from normal operation and improve service quality. Its advantage is that optical signals can be directly converted into light using optical circuits, small size, used in many optical transmissions.

OLP 1:1 protection system is designed for low loss and redundancy protection in optical communication lines. The OLP1:1 type protection board injects light into the backup line using selectable receiver and emitter mode to control the backup line fault. When an error occurs in the working optical fiber, the receiver and transmitter quickly switch to the standby fiber to ensure uninterrupted communication.


Singlemode and multimode optical fiber protection

Double-sided and single-blind protection

Use automatically and manually

SNMP monitoring system

Wavelength: -50dBm ~ +23dBm.

Switch time: 20 milliseconds.

Technical Specifications
wavelength range1310±50nm and 1550±50nm
Dynamic range of optical   powerTX:+25~-30 dBm
RX:+10~-45 dBm
Insertion loss1+1 protectedTX≤ 4.0dB
RX≤ 1.5dB
  1:1   protected≤ 1.5dB
Return loss≥45dB
Optical power   resolution≤0.01dB
Optical power   measurement accur≤0.5dB(+25 dBm ~ -40dBm )
≤1.0dB(-40 dBm ~ -50dBm )
Wavelength dependent   loss≤0.25dB
Polarization   dependent loss≤0.1dB
Switching time≤15ms
Working life>107 times

Produced models
Optical signal typeProtection typeInterface
3:1:1(with   backup fiber)3:SC/UPC