What is fiber optic media converter?

An optical media converter is a medium for transmitting electrical signals over short distances and optical signals over long distances. Because some short-distance electrical signals cannot be covered in some network environments, optical fiber must be used to increase the transmission distance. The cost of upgrading copper wire to fiber is very high, so the application of media converter is more and more widespread.

media converter

To convert the desired signals, including Internet, image, telephone, voice, ethernet and data, into an optical signal for transmission on the optical fiber substrate in the transmitter (by the transmitter converter) and convert the optical signal into an output signal in the receiver (by the receiver converter). will be
Media converters are divided into two types, single-mode and multi-mode, the signal-mode model is used for long distances and the multi-mode model is used for close distances of indoor networks. In the Eriont production model, it is possible to change the module sfp changed the media converter to singlemode or multimode. The price of single mode media converter is higher than the price of multimode media converter.

Single core or BIDI media converters

Single core optical fiber converter or bidi technical name is also named as WDM media converter.

Normally, information is sent on one fiber core and received on another core, but in the WDM media converter model, sending and receiving is done simultaneously on one core. In single core media converter, two different wavelengths are used for sending and receiving.

One of the key factors in buying an optical fiber media converter is the type of fiber, data transfer speed, data transfer distance, number of ports, industrial and commercial, and power type. Arivant produces all kinds of media converters with 48 volt power, industrial media converters, media converters poe, gigabit media converter and single port media converter, 2 port media converter and 4 port media converter.



Types of optical fiber media converter?


Optical fiber converters are offered in 3 types: media converter (Ethernet signal conversion to light and vice versa), video converter (image signal conversion to light and vice versa) and phone converter (telephone signal conversion to light and vice versa), which is a suitable category It has been done with the type of signal sent. Arionet is a producer of all types of converters in Iran.

Digital to laser media converters or known as optical converters are used in various networks that require simple communication.


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