EN Solution

IP over 400G Single Wavelength DWDM

IP over 400G Single Wavelength DWDM Solution for DCI & Metro

  • Remove OTN equipment, Muxponder and DCI chassis
  • Simplify your DWDM network
  • Cost-saving investments
  • Total bandwidth support 48CH x 400G or 64CH x 400G
data over ip

400G data over dwdm


  • 400G DP-16QAM Modulation
  • 80KM~120KM with EDFA amplifier
  • 40KM without EDFA Amplifiber
  • OIF-400GZR-01.0
  • CD TOL 2400 ps/nm
  • 75GHz(64CH)/100GHz(48CH) DWDM C-band Tunable
  • RX OSNR TOL 26dB/0.1nm
  • TX Optical Power: -6dBm ~ -10dBm adjustable
  • RX Sensitivity: -12dBm@DWDM EDFA amplifier; -20dBm@non-DWDM