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How does POE media converter work?

How does POE media converter work?

To overcome the transmission distance limitation of traditional copper cabling, a fiber optic converter is usually installed to connect copper to fiber. A fiber converter with PoE, as a type of fiber optic converter, does the same but also provides the additional functionality of providing power over Ethernet. How to use poe media converter? This article is going to explain the basis of PoE media converter to learn more about it.

What is a PoE media converter?

Traditionally, fiber optic converters can only transmit data. While the PoE fiber converter can not only help users establish a fiber to Ethernet link, but also act as a power supply equipment (PSE) to supply power to one or two network-enabled devices (PD) through a network cable. .

Using a PoE media converter such as the 10/100/100 fiber converter shown below provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for implementing and optimizing fiber links. In addition, like other Ethernet media converters that eliminate the distance limitation of Ethernet cables, fiber PoE converters extend the network distance through fiber to remote PDs such as VoIP phones, wireless access points, security cameras, and hotspots. It eliminates temperature control systems in point of sale (POS) systems.

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poe media converter

How does a PoE fiber optic media converter work?

The image below shows how the PoE media converter provides fiber-to-copper connections between the fiber switch and the wireless access point while simultaneously powering the access point. As shown in the figure, fiber runs for a long distance from the fiber switch to a PoE media converter located near a suitable AC or DC power source, where it performs the fiber-to-copper conversion. At the other end of the UTP cable that transmits data and power together, there is a wireless access point (which can be other equipment that supports PoE technology) that is up to 100 meters away from the PoE to Ethernet fiber converter.

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How to use PoE media converter?

There are three main applications of PoE media converters: fiber to IP cameras, fiber to wireless access points (access points) and other equipment that supports PoE. Here we take fiber to IP cameras as an example to explain the application of PoE media converter.

Before starting the installation process, you need these equipments: gigabit fiber switch, poe media converter, IP camera, Ethernet network cable (such as Cat5e / Cat6), patch cord (such as OS2 / OM4), and two SFP modules.

Step 1: Connect one SFP module to the fiber media port of the PoE converter and one SFP module to the SFP port of the switch.

Step 2: Connect a fiber optic cable to the SFP module on the PoE media converter and the other end of the cable to the switch.

Step 3: Connect the RJ45 ports of the PoE fiber converter and the IP camera using a UTP Ethernet cable.

How to choose the right PoE media converter?

How to choose the best PoE optical fiber media converter according to the needs of the network? There are some points to consider.

Bandwidth: PoE media converter bandwidth is the first thing to consider. There are 10M, 100M, 1000M, 10/100M and 10/100/1000M PoE fiber optic converters in the market, you can choose the desired model.

Number of ports and port type: In most cases, a PoE fiber optic media converter has one fiber port and one RJ45 port, but there are PoE fiber to Ethernet PoE converters that have multiple ports, such as one or two fiber ports and four RJ45 ports. Is.

Single-mode or multi-mode: According to the transmission medium, PoE media converter can be divided into single-mode and multi-mode converter, which affects the transmission distance and applicable fiber optic modules/fiber patch cords.

Operating temperature: especially in case of using PoE media converter in an industrial environment, this point should be taken into account. Remember to check the operating temperature of the media converter to see if it can work at high temperatures (generally from -40°C to 75°C). Therefore, you should check the working temperature with the manufacturer of your media converter if you can install them in industrial environments.

Standards: In general, PoE media converters are compatible with IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at or IEEE802.3bt. When buying, emphasize that the PoE media converter you want supports these standards because it may cause problems or may not be compatible with other network products.

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