Multi-service Optical Terminal

PMUX-320 is designed as a modular system with two 155Mb/s optical interfaces to provide an ultra-compact, cost-effective and flexible multi-service platform. With optional cards such as E1 card and Ethernet card, it is easy to meet user’s various requirements. It can realize the 4/8/16E1 and 100Mbps Ethernet transmission over optical line.

With low power consumption, high integration and well stability, PMUX-240 can be used to build point-to-point network; it is a cost-competitive solution for the application such as the telecommunication, the electric power and the finance fields.



Standard rack with 1U height and 19 Inch width n

     Optical Interface

Two 155Mb/s optical interfaces, LC type SFP module, hot pluggable

Provides optical line 1+1 protection with switching time less than 50ms

Supports RPD (Remote Power down Detection) information sending function

Supports ALS (Automatic Leaser Shutdown) to protect operators from hurt

Local equipment supports optical line loop and device loop, remote equipment supports optical line loop

E1 Interface

Provides 4/8/16 E1 interfaces

Optional 120Ω balanced E1 interface / 75Ω unbalanced E1 interface

E1 interface, Jitter tolerance and jitter generation fully comply with ITU-T G.703, G.823 recommendations.

Supports E1 device loop and E1 line loop for easy testing. n Ethernet Interface

Provides 4 copper fast Ethernet interfaces

Four Ethernet ports share 100Mbps

Supports auto-negotiation, it can also be set to 10M full/half-duplex, 100M full/half-duplex mode by force

Accepts frames with length between 64 and 1518/1916 bytes (otherwise filtering).

VLAN function based on tags compliant to IEEE 802.1Q.

Up to 16 VLAN table

Supports MAC address dynamic learning Ø Auto MDI/MDX function.

Supports Link Fault Pass Through function

Throughout statistic of the Ethernet packets based on port

Supports flow control and broadcast storm filtering control.

Supports port rate control.

Equipment timing mode

Tracing from local timing

Tracing from Optical line

Tracing from E1 line

n   Supports embedded BERT for troubleshooting n      Management 

Provides serial management interface(CONSOLE) and Ethernet management interface (EMU), both adopt RJ45 connector

Supports local management based on CLI command via CONSOLE interface or Telnet login

Supports local management based on WEB Browser login via local management interface (EMU)

Supports SmartView network management platform based on SNMP_V1 and

SNMP_V2 protocol to perform excellent management

Supports firmware update online by remote control