16FXO/FXS +4E1+4FE  Fiber Multiplexer

arioonet E&M

سیستم انتقال فیبر نوری با قابلیت  16 کانال تلفن  ، 4 کانالE1، 4پورت اترنت 10/100 ارائه می دهد. که  میتواند به صورت سوئیچ  ،یا  ازVLAN پشتیبانی کند ، سیگنال صوتی E&M ، سیگنال سوئیچ ، سیگنال اترنت  بر رروی فیبر نوری سینگل مد و مالتی مد

E1 interface comply with G.703, adopts digital clock recovery and smooth phase-lock technology Voice port supports FXO and FXS port,

Support FXO/FXS, EM2/4 audio, Magnet telephone Interface, FXO port docking with program-controlled switchboard, FXS port connected to the user’s telephone;

1~16channel Voice access, supports caller ID feature and reverse polarity billing functions

Support various sites mutual number allocation function

8Channel switch or two/four line audio and so on

Ethernet interface supports10M/100M, half/full duplex auto- adaptable, support VLAN

4Channel Ethernet interface is switch interface, support VLAN, can set to 4 channel logical isolation

Ethernet interface can support AUTO-MDIX (crossed line and straightly connected line self-adaptable)

Telephone interface with lightning protection, lightning reached IEC61000-4-5 Short circuit current wave 8 / 20μs, the peak output voltage 6KV open standards.

The transmission distance is up to 2-120Km without interruption Ø AC 220V, DC-48V, DC24V can be optional