Active WDM transmission diagram

active dwdm

As shown in the figure above, in the active wavelength division system, in addition to CWDM coarse wavelength division, the wavelength division unit can also perform DWDM dense wavelength division, and the OA optical amplification unit can be installed in the device. installed active devices to benefit from high bandwidth in long distances.

This solution is suitable for areas where the power supply of the destination station is relatively good at the source and there are two sets of unconnected optical fibers. High population density and wide area for internet access. It is one of the problems that can be solved by this system.

Advantages of this solution:

1. The possibility of using the Prattash line or modifying the use of the optical fiber support system

2. It can realize base station transmission with very long distance and super large capacity.

3. Real-time monitoring of reception and transmission of each optical module at both ends (requires OTU board);

4. All node devices support remote management, quick warning and warning, which can quickly find the fault points and greatly reduce the operation and manual maintenance costs.

5. Simple implementation, no need to change the main structure of the network, just connect the fiber.

6. The active equipment is equipped with dual power supply and supports both direct current and ac-dc alternating current, which effectively reduces the failure rate of the equipment.

7. It can be used for complex long distance networks and ring network.

Disadvantages of the solution: the power supply program must be considered and the cost is relatively high compared to the non-active model.