Single core media converter

Single core media converter

Single core media converter 100/1000

This product conforms to the IEEE 802.3z/ab Gigabit Ethernet standard with a fiber with optical wavelength division multiple (WDM technology) that transmits a two-way signal simultaneously on an optical fiber core.

Single core media converter provides a unique capability to transmit and receive gigabit Ethernet data on a fiber core at distances of up to 120 km. This feature is essential for many Fiber-to-the-X (FTTX) environments, where a fiber core is laid for each subscriber. Single core media converter solutions cover a wide range of protocols and distances and include single core fiber WDM for specific networks and protocols, which require stable and reliable optical conversion to Ethernet. For Ethernet fiber optic networks, Everiont offers SFP modules that connect directly to a fiber interface.

Single-core media converter can also be ordered as a plug-in module in Rackmount chassis.

The single-core media converter is successfully used in optical-to-electrical-to-optical conversion at the edge of the transport network, thus allowing compatibility with existing equipment with optical interfaces.

Single core fiber optic converter systems work on single mode fiber optic cables with a core diameter of 9 micrometers. Certain models of WDM can also be used in multimode cables (also known as local cables) that have a core diameter of 50 or 62.5 µm.

This media converter model provides the ability to transmit information with a volume of 1 gigabit on a single fiber optic cable up to a distance of 120 kilometers. This media converter is also called WDM media converter or Bi-Directional media converter.

wdm technology provides simultaneous sending and receiving on a fiber optic cable and sends one wavelength and receives another wavelength.

wdm technology provides simultaneous sending and receiving on a fiber optic cable and sends one wavelength and receives another wavelength.

Arioonet is a manufacturer of single core and double core media converters in Iran.

Single core media converter

Technical Specifications

Wavelength: TX1310nm/RX1550nm; for distances below 40 km and for distances higher than TX1490nm/RX1550nm wavelength; TX1550 nm/RX 1490 nm is used.


Product model AR-1c1000
Standard IEEE802.3u,10/100/1000Base-T,1000Base-SX/LX,IEEE802.3ah, IEEE802.3z/ab
control IEEE8.2.3x port flow control and backpressure control
Bandwidth ۱۰M/100/1000M auto-negotication
Transfer type Full-duplex/semiduplex(auto-negotiation)
The length of the sent packets Storage transmission:9728Bytes,straight-through,infinite.
Delay 9.6us
Product service life ۱۰۰,۰۰۰ hours
Power type AC100~265V 50/60Hz / DC5V 1A
power consumption <2.5W
Interface Eletric port:RJ45,Fiber port:SC/FC or SFP
Type of network cable Cat.5,Cat.6
Wavelengh 1490nm/1310nm/1550nm
Transmit distance km550-120
Dualfiber multimode
dual fiber singlemode 20/40/60/80/100/120Km
single fiber singlemode 20/40/60/80Km
Cat.5 twisted-pair 100m
Operating temperature 0~50℃
Temporary operating temperature -20~70℃
The advantages of using single core media converter

Compliant with 1000 Mbps switches and 1000 Mbps NICs for budget users

WDM – Wave Division Multiplexing Technology to reduce your network design costs – you need 1 fiber instead of 2.

It increases the length of the network from 10 to 120 kilometers on one fiber.

WDM technology is a combination of two-fiber to one-fiber cables, which reduces the cost of installing expensive cables.

Single core media converter

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