Patch cord SC-SC/MM

Patch cord SC-SC/MM


Grade A quality
RoHS compliant
Insertion loss less than or equal to 0.2dB, return loss greater than or equal to 35dB
Fiber type 50/125 OM2 multimode
Simplex/duplex cable type
Custom cable length
SC-SC connector type


data transfer
Telecommunication networks, optical fiber communication systems
local area network (LAN),
Broadband optical fiber, FTTH fiber
Fiber optic CATV, fiber optic sensors
Optical fiber testing equipment and tools

Optical fiber patch cord test method

We have a very strict quality control method in the field of fiber optic production as a fiber optic patch cord manufacturer:

After finishing the polishing, we check the surface of the ferrule with a 400x microscope
After the final assembly is completed, we control the insertion loss and return loss
Before putting the dust cap on, we re-examine the microscope at 400x
The interference test is performed according to the customer’s needs

Technical Specifications
Fiber type


Insertiong Loss

≤ 0.3db

Return Loss



≤ 0.2db


≤ 0.2db

Operating Temperature

– 30℃ — +75℃

Storage Temperature

– 40℃ — +85℃

Fiber type


Cable type

2.0mm & 3.0mm PVC, LSZH or OFNP

Fiber optic patch cord

Fiber optic patchcord is a fiber optic cable of a specific length that is placed at the beginning and end of two fiber optic connectors. Fiber optic patch cord is used to communicate between devices in a fiber optic network. Optical fiber patch cord is available in two types, single mode and multimode, and their difference is in the thickness of the fiber core and bandwidth.

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