The network switch is a product of “Erionet” company, which is of non-management type and is designed for normal applications of organizations and offices. This switch has 24 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN ports that are located on the front of the switch. On the side of the ports, there are indicators that provide the user with proper information about the correct operation status of each port along with the status of receiving and sending information. In addition to 24 LAN ports, the AR-SW24PG2S switch has two Combo ports, which will be very useful for more professional users. With the help of very good support for IEEE standards, we will see high data transfer speed in this product. AR-SW24PG2S AR-SW24PG2S AR-SW24PG2S AR-SW24PG2S network switch uses a suitable design for server racks that can be easily used. It can be installed in standard 19-inch racks. This unmanaged switch works as Plug & Play; It is used to connect to computers, printers, servers, monitors, NAS devices, etc. in the network. And it can automatically identify inactive ports and reduce their energy consumption. It can also estimate the length of cables connected to each port and automatically reduce the power consumption of shorter cables. Among other important features of this device, which is in the SOHO/SMB network category; It can be designed without a fan, support for the IEEE 802.3/3u/3x/3ab standard, high security and no loss of speed, the amount of RAM buffer in this switch is equal to 512 KB, and the capacity of its MAC address table is equal to 8.8 GB. Network specialists are always looking for products that can be used to create stable computer networks. Arivant company is one of the professional manufacturers of network equipment, which is the first choice of many professionals in this field, it is one of the strongest companies in the field of network and telecommunication equipment.